A Little Bit of Color Never Hurt!

Paper or plastic?

You (used to) hear this phrase all the time at the grocery store…Begging the question, which is better?

Well, with DuraReady labels you cannot lose with either option, add some color and you are really in the game!

Manufactured right here in America, our labels are made of the highest quality materials to ensure long-lasting, durable and unique labels for your business, home, or workplace.

Although, we create many different shapes, sizes, and finishes our all-time favorites would definitely have to be our colored labels. These guys will not ruin the aesthetics of what you apply them to, but will stand-out in all of the right ways.

First up we have our plastic colored labels

All of our colored plastic labels are made of durable Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP). In short BOPP is made in a way that ensures a product with superior strength at low gauges, flatness, clarity, and excellent printability, (we go a bit more in depth with this topic in our post “BEING ORGANIZED IS BEING IN CONTROL”- Anon.)

The Labels


Our #1025DYW used to create custom product container labels. 


Our largest colored plastic labels in a vibrant yellow, that is sure to catch the right type of attetion. We typically use these labels for UPS and USPS shipping labels, as well WARNING, FRAGILE, and HANDLE WITH CARE labels for all of our shipments. These 4 x 6” labels are only compatible with the DYMO 4XL LabelWriter.

#1004DRD #1004DYW

Our second largest colored plastic options, these 2 x 4” red and yellow labels are most commonly used for warehouse applications: rack labels, shelf tags, floor labels, freezer labels, variable image labels, weight capacity labels, and LPN labels.

DuraReady’s #1004DRD and #1004DYW, eye-catching warehouse labels.

We have also found that these labels are perfect for long-lasting, classroom and library labels. Whether you need to organize your student’s cubbies, desks, or book shelves these guys will last all school year long.

#1020DOR, #1020DRD, #1020DYW, #1020DBL, #1020DGR

These bold, standard address size labels (1.125 x 3.5”) are the most versatile workplace assets. Not only can you use them for sending mail to your clients, like our #1004 labels, you can also use these labels in the warehouse for: rack labels, shelf tags, floor labels, freezer labels, variable image labels, weight capacity labels, and LPN labels.

Our #1020DOR, #1020DBL, #1020DGR, #1020DRD, #1020DYW will keep your warehouse supplies organized!

These labels do not stop there, however, we use these colorful labels for custom DIY event and party decor. With the combination of plastic that will not breakdown from contact with liquids and cake frosting, plus popular colors that fit in with any theme, these guys  are a dream! Commonly used for catering cards, escort cards, goodie bag tags, and so much more…just add a little bit of creativity and these labels can go the distance.

Our #1020DYW labels will catch all of the right attention at any party or event.
Bring any theme to life with our #1020DOR plastic labels!


#1016DOR, #1016DYW 

Imagine, you are walking down rows of library books searching through hundreds of names and ISBN numbers…Well, those labels that you are looking at are most commonly this size, 1.0 x 1.5” and hold a ton of information.

Decorate any party table with these #1016DYW catering cards!

Like the rest of our colored labels these labels are ideal for bibliography, classification, cataloging labels, merchandise pricing, sizing, and product identification labels! These wonderful BOPP labels will not fade, discolor, or breakdown overtime, but will instead protect your products and library books. As well as help you to keep your office, classroom, or library organized.

Did we mention that these labels are ALSO great for event and party decor? We love the versatility of our labels because they create endless possibilities.

#1026DGR, #1026DYW, #1026DOR

These labels are so tiny that we fit two on one sheet! Coming in at a whopping 0.5 x 1.0,” our smallest labels are also incredibly useful. Ideal for color coding, use by dating, batch/lot labels, QR codes and price tag applications, as well as dispensary and vaping e-liquid labels.

#1026DGR (1)
These eye-catching, #1026DGR labels are ideal for sealing your products!

We also, cannot forget to add that these labels are perfect for sealing your candle, food, soap, and lotion products, as well as party and event decor.

For premium plastic colored labels visit us today, www.duraready.com!

Check out our next blog post where we cover the wonderful world of colored PAPER labels!


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