Relying on our phone calendars has become second nature to most, because it’s easy!

Simply create an “event,” for a specific day, choose when you would like for your phone, tablet, or computer to alert you and voila! You can now count on your electronic device to tell you when you need to be somewhere.

For some industries, however, an aesthetically pleasing, tangible everyday reminder is necessary as the information is no longer set in stone, (i.e.conference call at 9:30 AM) but is in fact variable information (i.e. an oil change reminder at 55,000 miles) that can change overtime. One such industry is the auto/mechanic world, where oil change and other service reminders are constantly changing according to the specific needs of the car.

Most people use some sort of transportation everyday, mainly cars, and it is important as car owners or leasers to take good care of these means of transportation. That is why our mechanics and other service providers place reminders right on our windshields, so as not to easily forget to maintain our cars.

With DuraReady’s #1020 1.125 x 3.5” labels you can create custom, on demand labels for any auto service that is required. These labels come in several different colors, clear and silver, and some even have removable capabilities. We have made sure that these specific labels are compatible with Mitchell 1 Automotive Repair Software, DYMO LabelWriters, and select Zebra Printers.

The Labels

#1020D, #1020DX- Extra Capacity Roll


Clean, classic, white BOPP labels for all reminders. The size of these labels allow for them to hold any amount of information, logos, and more all while being discreet enough to not overwhelm your clients car.


Ideal for outside use, these #1020DD, white BOPP labels can withstand the elements. From UV rays, water, wind, ice, and heat these special labels will not breakdown. Ideal for outdoor applications that go beyond the windshield!

#1020DGR, #1020DRD, #1020DBL, #1020DYW, #1020DOR, #1020DSL, #2020DBS

DuraReady’s premium, brushed silver label.


DuraReady’s #1020 colored, BOPP labels. 

Looking for something that really stands out? These green, red, blue, yellow, orange and silver BOPP plastic labels are ideal for any application that requires attention.


#1020DR- “R” stands for removable, #1020DRX- Extra Capacity Roll

#1020CLR, #1020DCLRX- Extra Capacity Roll

Why do we consider these the best for service reminders? Well, they are REMOVABLE! These white and clear labels will remain on whatever you apply them to for as long as you need them. Once you need to change the information simply peel them off, without hassling with sticky residue, and replace them! None of our labels will ruin your clients glass, interior or exterior, but the removable capabilities of these make everything easier.

DuraReady’s #1020DR and #1020DCLR labels are the removable service reminder labels you have been looking for! 

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