We’ve heard this phrase many times when it comes to being “in shape,” and what people do not realize is that being round is actually pretty great! Especially when it comes to labels, now we aren’t talking about stereotypes…We are talking about those sticky labels that you can use to organize, brand your business, package and more!

Exclusive to DuraReady our 1” and 2” round labels are useful because of their simplicity, durability and ultimate on-demand capabilities. We manufacture all of our labels right here at our warehouse in California to ensure that we are in control of every step of the process. This also allows us to be able to create unique and custom items for your DYMO LabelWriter, so feel free to ask about labels that you do not see on our website and we will be glad to assist you in whatever way possible.

Now, back to being round…

As we mentioned before we have both small 1” round labels and larger 2” round labels. Both are available in paper and plastic, as well as, several colors (blue, green, pink, orange and red), finishes (matte and glossy), clear, silver, brushed aluminum, holographic, white, and with different security capabilities such as frangible and VOID. Our frangible and VOID labels can be found in the “Asset Tagging,” section of our website.  For a quick recap, frangible means that the labels will fall apart when tampered with, and VOID labels will leave behind a VOID pattern when tampered with, allowing you to control the security of your office assets.

For medical use, both our 1″ and 2″ round labels can hold the pertinent information for prescription bottles.
Send out samples of your products? Label them with our small 1″ round labels.


In order to take full advantage of these wonderful labels please be sure to download our custom label templates from, you can see how to do this in the video below. When on our website you can find our 1” and 2” round labels under the names #1027, #1033 for plastic labels, #3033 for security labels and for paper labels #5027, and #5033 with the appropriate abbreviation following. You can also just click on our “Round Labels,” section and most of our round labels should appear.

We have found that these labels can be used in so many different ways. From a professional stand-point these durable round labels are the perfect fit for many workplace assets and products. As mentioned before our security labels can be used to protect some of your most important office supplies, for example: computers, laptops, furniture, printers, machinery and anything else that is of tangible value to your company. Our 1” round labels are often used in libraries on book spines and shelving for ISBN numbers, barcodes, titles, authors, as well as in the classroom for organizing, grading and more. Our 2” round labels can be used in all of the same ways, just on a larger scale, use them as name tags, on desks, and for school supplies in the classroom.

Our #1027DM 2″ round labels are the ideal label for candles, jars, lids and so much more!
Protect your workplace with these discreet #3033DTE security labels!

These labels are also very useful when it comes to branding and merchandising your products. Since you can add your own custom text and designs to these labels you no longer have to waste money on pre-printed labels as your products or designs change. You can also use these labels to keep track of your inventory and price your items, most commonly used on jars, lids, vials, containers and to seal bags, tissue, and other packaging materials.

Our 1″ round labels are the perfect fit for your smallest products!
Colorful or white, all of our 2″ round labels are sure to stand out in all of the right ways.

Our favorite way to use these labels is for DIY event and party decor. We have seen so many creative ideas come to life with both our 1” and 2” round labels. Since you can print an endless amount of custom labels, you can personalize your party goodie bags, banners, drinks, table decor, food (catering cards) and placeholders. It is really up to you how you would like to use them because the creative possibilities are truly endless.

#1027DCL, these clear labels will bring any party or theme to life!
Create festive banners with our 1″ round #1033DM labels.

Both our paper and plastic labels are made with the most durable materials in order to ensure that they will not fade, discolor or breakdown over time!

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